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Children's University is a national organisation, offering children aged 7 to 14 years  (and 5 to 6year olds with their families) an exciting and innovative programme of high quality learning opportunities outside normal school hours. It focuses on rewarding participation, raising aspirations and encouraging engagement with learning. 

Children's University in Blackburn has been running since 2010 and keeps growing from strength to strength. 

How is participation rewarded?

Each time a child takes part in an out of school activity registered with the Children's University they are able to collect all the hours they have done in their Children's University Passport. 

Children's University Undergraduate Level - 30 to 400 hours

The Undergraduate Level is the first step on the ladder of the national Children's University certification, which is all about voluntary participation in the high quality out of school hours learning.

Children's University Award

Bronze 30 hours    Silver 65 hours    Gold 100 hours


Children's University Certificate

Bronze 130 hours    Silver 165 hours    Gold 200 hours


Children's University Diploma

Bronze 230 hours    Silver 265 hours    Gold 300 hours

Children's University Degree

Bronze 330 hours    Silver 365 hours    Gold 400 hours

How can I join Blackburn Children's University?

To become a member of Blackburn Children's University it costs £3! For this the child will be given their own passport to record all the hours they do. This passport needs to be looked after and given to Mrs Tee when instructed to.

Blackburn Children's University is currently open to children in years 1 to 6 from Sacred Heart, St Silas, St Michael with St John and Wensley Fold Academy. It is open to years 3 to 6 at St Aidan's. To name a few schools which are already involved. 

To acquire your passport please enquire via the schools above. 

For more information please contact Sara Burton on 07805929965, or see the following:



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